About QLN

About QLN

Over the past 37 years, QLN’s academic summer camp, youth programs, in-school and workshop programs in the areas of learning-and-life skills, teaching and training, and effective learning environments have become a leading resource for students, parents, teachers, school administrators and businesses. QLN President and co-founder, Bobbi DePorter’s vision of schools, families, and businesses producing creative and responsible people ready to participate in a global community, has remained strong and continues to grow.

SuperCamp, QLN’s learning and life skills academic summer camp program for students from 6th grade through college, began its first program with 64 people.

Today, with a 42,000 square foot Southern California campus and worldwide academic programs and training, SuperCamp has graduated over 78,000 students. SuperCamp’s innovative and engaging learning-to-learn techniques help students increase their academic achievement in such areas as reading, study skills, writing, math and critical thinking, while also enhancing important life skills in the areas of communication, leadership, relationships, self-worth, personal responsibility, goal-setting and much more.

QL Education directly serves the academic world with its highly successful educational model through staff development and curriculum workshops for teachers and school administrators and learning and life skills programs for students. This synergistic approach to the learning process has been proven to increase academic achievement and improve kids’ attitudes toward learning, while reigniting teachers by helping them tap back into why they went into teaching in the first place. Over 20 million students have been impacted through the company’s Quantum Learning youth programs.

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Quantum Learning Network has evolved from a small group of educators in the early 1980’s to a global organization that has reached out to 16 countries. The care, commitment and dedication that the company was founded upon, remains the same today as QLN continues to touch new students, teachers, school administrators, and business leaders in the U.S. and around the world. Here is the QLN milestone timeline! 1981: The decision to create SuperCamp was made. The goal was to make learning fun and meaningful. Development on this revolutionary methodology began.

1982: The very first SuperCamp was held at Kirkwood Meadows in Tahoe. There were 64 students in the first SuperCamp.

1983: SuperCamp expanded to four sites in the USA. SuperCamp was held in Hawaii, California, and Utah. The Corporation was formed and home office was Del Mar, California.

1984: Three more SuperCamp programs held in Bear Valley, California. The Ropes Course was added.

1985: The first East Coast SuperCamp was held.

1986: CNN coverage of SuperCamp made SuperCamp a national phenomena.

1987: Learning & Life Skills video series was created. The first College Forum was held.

1988: The first Junior High program was created. The Learning Forum “dba” was created.

1989: Students from the Soviet Union attended SuperCamp. Quantum Learning Methodology was created.

1990: Moscow and Singapore SuperCamp programs were held. The first Youth Forum was held. Headquarters moved to Oceanside, California.

1991: Rabun Gap, Georgia school program implemented.

1992: Quantum Learning book published. Hong Kong added as a SuperCamp program. Thornton high school district adopts Quantum Learning.

1993: Twenty-two SuperCamp programs, three SuperCamp programs in Asia, QL begins in Grossmont school district in San Diego and Northwood Middle School in Woodstock, Illinois.

1994: Learning Forum Foundation sponsors IAL conferences in ’94, ’95, and ’96.

1995: First SuperCamp in Europe at the Harrow School in London.

1996: Learning Forum goes live on the Internet.

1997: Quantum Business book published. SuperCamp program in Malaysia. Grossmont summer program wins Golden Bell award.

1998: GradLINC begins. Quantum Teaching book published. Leadership Teams initiated. Golden Bell award.

1999: Learning Forum upgrades infrastructure and installs new database management and CRM modules.

2000: SuperCamp reaches 30,000 graduates. Learning Skills book series published. Over 600 schools have adopted Quantum Learning. QL Education program implemented in the Ukraine. 2001: SuperCamp reaches seven U.S. locations six worldwide. New QL for Teachers curriculum.

2002: First Parent Weekend for SuperCamp locations. GMU ALT graduate course. QL Education programs introduced in Bermuda.

2003: Quantum Learnings Comprehensive School Reform Model is one of four that is nationally approved. SuperCamp Facilitator, Petit Pinson, climbs Mount Everest. QL Education launches programs in Mexico.

2004: First SuperCamp in Spanish. SuperCamp reaches 40,000 graduates.

2005: Learning Forum and Quantum Learning become united as Quantum Learning Network (QLN). First SuperCamp in Mandarin. QLN becomes a registered Microsoft partner. QL Education programs begin in the Dominican Republic.

2006: QLN moves into its new 42,000 square foot Campus in Oceanside, California. SuperCamp reaches 45,000 graduates with eight U.S. campuses and programs in 10 countries, including several in Asia, the Dominican Republic, and Switzerland.

2007: SuperCamp adds Cornell University to its roster of U.S. college host sites. Cornell becomes the first Ivy League school to hold a SuperCamp summer camp program. SuperCamp surpasses 48,000 graduates.

2008: SuperCamp reaches 50,000 graduates, and Quantum Learning President Bobbi DePorter was interviewed by Fox News San Diego.

2009: Learning Forum International, Quantum Learning Networks’ non-profit, introduced the new national student excellence program called Communities of Excellence – Living the 8 Keys.

2010: Super camp added Brown University and reached over 55,000 graduates. National TV star, from Bachelorette, and past SuperCamp Team Leader Ali Fetatowski visits Stanford camp to tell her experiences and how SuperCamp helped her stay true to herself.

Bobbi DePorter

Bobbi DePorter, co-founder and president of Quantum Learning Network, is an early pioneer in the field of accelerated learning. Acknowledged by many as a leading authority on effective learning and youth development, she has authored or co-authored nineteen books on teaching and learning. Bobbi’s work has inspired millions of students and educators around the world to pursue academic, personal, and professional excellence.

It all began when Bobbi studied with the renowned Bulgarian researcher Dr. Georgi Lozanov* and implemented these methods to teach participants humanistic business skills at her Burklyn Business School. Students experienced learning as joyful and meaningful – not as they had experienced learning previously – and they wanted a similar experience for their children. In 1982, Ms. DePorter started the first SuperCamp, teaching unique learning and life skills to teenagers in a fun, dynamic way.

Over the past thirty-five+ years under the leadership of Bobbi and her husband, Joe Chapon, the Quantum Learning teaching methods have spread from residential SuperCamp student programs (78,000 alumni and held in fourteen+ countries delivered in English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Korean), to reaching over 20 million people through her 8 Keys of Excellence, character movement and school programs where she has trained over 100,000 educators. Quantum Learning programs include a third world model funded by our US Department of Labor and US Aid.

Bobbi is involved in many industry organizations, including having served as chair of the Best Practices in Education project for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Business Roundtable for Education. Currently she serves on the Oceanside Unified School District’s Oceanside’s Promise Leadership Table, and GENI Global Energy Network Institute. GENI was founded to further the work of R. Buckminster Fuller, who Bobbi had an association with over seven years, until his passing in 1983. Bobbi was invited to write a chapter in the recent book, A Fuller View.

* Dr. Lozanov’s teaching methodology was declared a “technology worth merit and further study” in 1978 by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). In 2010, Dr. Lozanov invited Bobbi, along with colleague Libyan Labiosa Cassone, to submit an account of their programs and their impact on participants. Their papers were included as part of Dr. Lozanov’s further research and report on the effectiveness of these methods to UNESCO’s Education for All.

Along with Stedman Graham, Bobbi is the co-founder of CAYS Community Alliance for Youth Success, now in its fifth year. It all began when she called a first community meeting five years ago, and now has created a national model, producing Youth Success Weeks. www.youthsuccessweek.org

Bobbi is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, an invitational organization founded by Jack Canfield whose members include Stephen MR Covey, John Gray, Lynn Twist, and many other international known authors and thought leaders. www.transformationalleadershipcouncil.com

She received the first humanitarian award given from the Transformational Leadership Council and the Global Presence Humanitarian Award from Parenting 2.0. She recently received the Lifetime Legacy Award at the Women of Influence Awards, San Diego 2015. In 2006 Bobbi was selected a Reader’s Favorite from among thousands of nominees for Fast 50 list of leading creative thinkers from Fast Company Magazine.

Bobbi speaks at international conferences and recently gave a Plenary at the WIN Conference in Rome, Italy. Prior she joined 20 female thought leaders including Arianna Huffington, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, Jean Houston, Marci Shimoff, and others, in an online conference, Women on the Edge of Evolution Virtual Conference.

As an expert in education, in February 2015, Bobbi was invited to join a small think tank to participate with Sir Richard Branson’s on his Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. A group of twelve met in his beautiful Temple House, site of so many high-level discussions.

Author of 19 books, here are comments from Bobbi’s latest, Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

“From my early years as a public school teacher, consultant to schools, and as a member of the California State Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility, I know the importance of creating positive and supportive school cultures where students are willing to participate at high levels. Excellence in Teaching and Learning provides the research evidence and methodology for creating nurturing schoolwide cultures with effective teachers and competent students—and it belongs in the hands of every educator. I believe the concepts included in this book are critical for both the academic and personal success of our youth.”
Jack Canfield Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles

“A great book. It looks wonderful and the content is spectacular.”John Hattie, PhD, author, Visible Learning.

Bobbi, and her husband Joe Chapon, also own the QLN Campus Conference Center in Oceanside that hosts many community events.


1982 — Bobbi DePorter founded SuperCamp in 1982 after studying accelerated learning with Bulgarian researcher Dr. Georgi Lozanov. Today, more than 78,000 adolescents have attended SuperCamp. The 6- to 10-day programs enhance academic, leadership, communication, and relationships skills and inspire students to pursue their goals.
1989 — Learning Forum International (LFI) is a 501(c)(3) is the non-profit arm of the Quantum Learning Network. Founded in 1989, LFI secures funding from individuals, foundations, and corporations to provide scholarships to SuperCamp and support Quantum Learning Education’s partnership with teachers, administrators, parents, and students.
1992 — As parents and teaches observed the changes in students who had completed SuperCamp, they started to ask us if we could bring SuperCamp into schools. In 1992, after translating our methodologies into relevant applications for classrooms, the first school-wide program was held for 250 students and teachers. It was covered by CNN. QL professional and supplemental student development programs are now offered worldwide. The first foreign SuperCamp opened in Moscow.
2006 — In addition to serving as the headquarters of the Quantum Learning Network, the QLN Conference in Oceanside, California, serves as a venue for special events, wedding receptions, and meetings. The state-of-the-art, 42,000-square-foot facility consists of seven separate meeting rooms and a 10,500 square foot exhibit hall.
2015 — Quantum Learning Network is at the forefront of Child Development & Education. Across the U.S. and in Australia / Indonesia / Hong Kong / China / Taiwan / Singapore / Malaysia / S. Korea / Italy / Kenya / Dominican Republic …
2017 — Programs held through a ministry in Bermuda with long term vision Commitment by Taylors Education in Malaysia for university and creation of QL Model Schools
2018 — First university program in Netherlands for incoming freshmen

The QLN family includes SuperCamp, Quantum Learning Education, 8 Keys of Excellence, QLN International, the QLN Conference Center, and a wide range of educational products. Each division of the organization utilizes our Quantum Learning system to transform the educational process and inspire excellence. The result—students who love to learn and teachers who love to teach.

The QLN family includes SuperCamp, Quantum Learning Education, 8 Keys of Excellence, QLN International, the QLN Conference Center, and a wide range of educational products. Each division of the organization utilizes our Quantum Learning system to transform the educational process and inspire excellence. The result—students who love to learn and teachers who love to teach.

QLN.com / SuperCamp.com / QuantumLearning.com / LearningForum.org
8keys.org – now propelling Communities of Excellence with a goal of reaching 50 million people by 2020.

Letter From Bobbi DePorter

A Message from QLN President, Bobbi DePorter

QLN’s journey began in 1982 with a learning and life skills program called SuperCamp and has grown to include programs for educators, called Quantum Learning, and programs for businesses, under the Quantum Business name. We’ve grown because of results – results we would love to share with you.

Parents, we know that you want to see your children grow into adulthood with the skills and confidence to succeed and be happy in whatever paths they choose. That’s what we want for them, too, which is why we continue to expand the reach of both our SuperCamp program and Quantum Learning for Students.

Business owners and leaders, we have applied our 25-plus years of experience in the field of learning to the business world to help companies shift their training environments and corporate culture, while providing employees with skills that enable them to learn faster and think more creatively. Further, our Train the Trainer program equips company trainers with powerful presentation and facilitation skills that maximize their effectiveness and reduce training time and costs.

Parents, teachers, school administrators, and business leaders – I invite you to join me in improving your world, and the world at large, by elevating the learning and life skills of those around you with the help of QLN.